Old Nail Polish Revival!

Old nail polish stash!

A couple months ago, while cleaning my basement, I came across a bin of old stuff from my high school days. That’s where I found four of my old diaries (and thus the namesake for this blog), but I also found a stash of old nail polish…

Old polishes, out of the bag!

I was considering tossing the stash, because the polishes were old (and they looked it!). I really wasn’t sure how long you could keep them for…

Old polishes

Hard nail polish hardener!

Another old polishThe oldest/grossest looking polish!But I didn’t toss them.

Instead, I asked my style and makeup guru (and one of my best friends), Sabrina, what she thought of the situation. She suggested a nail polish thinner, and linked me up.

So I went on a little quest around town to see if I could find such a thinner. After stopping at three different places with no luck, I finally found this one at Sally Beauty.

Two of the ladies at the stores that didn’t carry a thinner told me to just add a bit of nail polish remover to my old polishes, and that should do the same thing. But I was determined to find this product… Plus, I’m spilly and would need an eye dropper. Orly’s Nail Lacquer Thinner came in its own eye dropper bottle, so win-win! : )

Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner

Directions: Add 1 or 2 drops to polish, shake well, repeat if needed.

Most of the polishes in my stash only needed 1 or 2 drops, which was awesome! However, some of them (the ones featured above) were more tricksy…

Revived polishes (5-10 drops)Revived polish (15 drops)Revived polish (20 drops!)

In the end, I was able to save all my polishes, minus two that were close to empty anyway.

I am very grateful for Sab’s savvy know-how and Orly’s awesome thinner for saving my stash!¬†With the addition of my old, lost polishes, my current collection has now tripled!¬†Hurray! : )

Revived polishes!


4 thoughts on “Old Nail Polish Revival!

    1. Lol – I know! Tripled my collection – do not have to buy polish ever again! …okay, that is a fib. ; )

      They put one in close to Michaels! We’ll have to go the next time you’re in town. : ) Might have a few other new places by then too.

    1. Loved that sparkly stuff back in the day. : )

      Lol, probably not! I’m bet half of the nail polish lines for these no longer exist! …However, I was surprised to see L.A. Girl at a store in the mall recently! That was a old cheapy line at Ardene at one time, was it not? Didn’t expect it to last the years.

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