Fall and Haircuts

Fall at Odell Park

{Fall at Odell Park}

Today’s post has a bit of an unusual title: Fall and Haircuts.

There’s a good reason for this! As we started to do fall things and as the leaves on all the trees started to change, I chopped off my long hair, and then Ro got his very first haircut! So as I was unloading recent photos, all the fall photos and all of the haircut photos pretty much ended up being the same photos. Hence, Fall and Haircuts post!

Ro's sweet baby locks

{Ro’s sweet baby locks – photo courtesy of Don}

I know it’s just hair, but we had a bit of a hard time owning up to the fact that Rowan needed a haircut. We wanted him to be able to see now that he was starting to get up and walk about, but… but… look at those sweet baby curls!

In the meanwhile, I went in for my own haircut. From long hair with bangs that I could no longer deal with, to short hair with bangs that I am now growing out. I also decided to stop dying my hair and embrace my natural hair color (and any greys that may come with it)… For now, anyway. We’ll see how that goes. :-)

So on the fall side of things, we went apple picking for the first time with Rowan and he enjoyed himself. He loves the heck out of apples, especially eating them. He ate a Honeycrisp, a Cortland, and a McIntosh while we were at the orchard! This is his apple-eating face:

Rowan loves his apples

{Rowan loves his apples}

The apple orchard that we go to for our apples is incredibly picturesque. This year, they even had a little outdoor photobooth/selfie setup where you could take a photo of yourself on a fancy chair in front of the view. So we popped Rowan on the chair and he gave us the best smile ever! :-D

Babies + fancy chairs = adorable

{Babies + fancy chairs = adorable}

I love that little dude so much.

So now it was Rowan’s turn to get his haircut! While I was in having my own hair lobbed off, I asked Jenn, my hairstylist, if she might cut Rowan’s hair when the time came.

– Yes, of course she would!

So a few weeks passed, Rowan’s hair inched closer to his nose, and we finally made the call. (So dramatic, eh? It is a big deal, I tell you!)

Rowan sitting in Jenn's chair

{Rowan sitting in Jenn’s chair}

He was a total champ the whole time she cut his hair, and he got to wear the COOLEST SMOCK EVER. (I kinda wish they let the adults wear monster smocks too!)

And so then we went to the Farmer’s Market, picked up some samosas and spices and headed to Odell park for a family picnic and a little (unintentional super 90s/early 2000s-style) photo shoot in the field. Check it out:

Father and son matching poses

{Father and son matching poses}

Smiley dude on a 90s blanket

{Smiley dude on a 90s blanket}

Baby in overalls in a field

{Baby in overalls in a field}

And then my two favorite photos of that day, which I think highlight Ro’s new haircut (and his facial features) really well:

On the trails at Odell Park

{On the trails at Odell Park}

Rowan having fun in the play area

{Rowan having fun in the play area}

I think he looks quite a bit like his daddy in this last photo. If you saw photos of Don when he was a baby, same face. Especially with his sweet little bangs now.

So all-in-all, it was a very nice fall and haircuts season! :-)

***Update! One last haircut:

I just went even shorter

{I just went even shorter}












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    1. The apple orchard photo has my shorter hair in there, only it was straight that day so it probably looks longer. :-) I actually just chopped a bunch more off… maybe I should add an update photo.

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