Project Christmas Table

Our old glass table

{Our old glass table}

Six years ago, we bought ourselves a shiny new-to-us glass table for our kitchen. And approximately 5 years and 364 days ago, exactly half of us deemed that table unfit to stay with us long-term. ;)

I kid, I kid. It was probably more like 5 years and 363 days.

What’s not to love about a glass table? It makes a room seem bigger, reflects light, and who doesn’t like staring at crotches while you eat? (We’re not usually table cloth people.) Don’s main gripe was that it made a loud clinking noise whenever you placed a glass or mug on the surface. And then Rowan came along and now there was the added fear that he might try to hang off of it, sending glass tabletops flying into the air and potentially hurt himself.

So I started to design a new table for us earlier this year…

New kitchen table design

{New kitchen table design}

After reviewing our tight kitchen space, I figured a square table would work best. The original plan also included two benches for seating, one of which we will still make eventually.

Then time and money became tight and our table plans got side-lined. But do not fear, Christmastime came to our rescue! Instead of figuring out gifts for each other this year, we decided to finally make the table we’ve always wanted and that would be our present to one another (and our family).

What, you mean like don’t go out Christmas shopping for one another? DONE! :-D

So we got some wood. (Heh.)

Foreman Zoe inspecting our knotty pine

{Foreman Zoe inspecting our knotty pine}

And assembly began! We carefully butted up and glued our tabletop boards together, and then glued and screwed two 2x4s to the underside of the table to hold them all in place. Then we started on the base.

Tabletop glued and screwed; table base started

{Tabletop glued and screwed; table base started}

Once the base was complete, we screwed two more 2x4s onto it joining the top of the posts, then flipped the whole thing over and attached the 2x4s to the tabletop just like the last ones. No glue was used this time though. This was purposely done just in case we ever wanted to separate the top from the base and move the table elsewhere in the house. (Which I imagine we’ll want to do once we’re able to change the flooring in the kitchen.)

Attaching the base to the tabletop

{Attaching the base to the tabletop}

Aaaand flip!

{Aaaand flip!}

Photo progression makes this look like it would take no time at all to do, but to get to this point was a morning-to-night job for us, with many breaks in between so that we could still try to be good interactive parents to Rowan. :-)

The next two pictures are also kinda funny from a progression standpoint.

Morning: Adding the table trim, and looking more complete!

{Morning: Adding the table trim, and looking more complete!}

Night: Sanding the entire table down, and looking like we didn't do anything!

{Night: Sanding the entire table down, and looking like we didn’t do anything!}

A whole day’s work! Can you tell? ;) We were pretty happy to get to this point though, as you will see.

Don looking pretty happy to be filling some cracks

{Don looking pretty happy to be filling some cracks}

And then more sanding into the wee hours!

{And then more sanding into the wee hours!}

Our table was finally coming along! Only one last thing to do: double triple-coat and protect that thing!

Fully coated and drying

{Fully coated and drying}

The underside of the table

{The underside of the table}

Rowan loves it under there. This is probably his viewpoint of our table most of the time. It’s a good thing we sanded it here too.

Side view, featuring one sexy striped cedar leg

{Side view, featuring one sexy striped cedar leg}

And a closeup of the finished table

{And a closeup of the finished table}

We made the table somewhere between regular table height and tall table height, so we decided to add two new adjustable swivel chairs to our budget. And eventually we’ll build that bench and make our kitchen space into a partial breakfast nook with extra seating. The nice thing about this table is that we can pull it away from the wall and potentially seat 8 people comfortably around it, which is a big improvement over our old table. And it barely takes up much more space in our kitchen!

So we’re pretty happy with how our new Christmas table turned out, and we plan to enjoy it for many years to come. Now come over! :-)

Enjoying breakfast time at our new table

{Enjoying breakfast time at our new table}













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